Christmas with Tucker

Christmas with Tucker

Hallmark put this film in the best of company, one among six of “the most wonderful movies of Christmas.”

Written & produced by Dave Alan Johnson premiering on the Hallmark Movie Channel in 2013 just prior to SALT's founding, Christmas with Tucker is a heart-tugging, boy-and-his-dog story based upon the best selling book by author Greg Kincaid.  


Featuring the amazing cast James Brolin, Gage Munroe, Barbara Gordon, Josie Bissett, John Tench, Derek McGrath. 

AFA vice president Buddy Smith admitted to shedding a tear or two while screening Tucker, and he can’t wait for his grandchildren to see the movie.  Dave Alan Johnson caught the attention of AFA 20 years ago with his family friendly television series Against the Grain and later with Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye and D.O.C.


George, the boy in Tucker, has to learn to be a man too early in life after his father died in a farm accident. George is trying to fill

his dad’s shoes on the family farm. He stays with his grandparents on the farm while Mom moves away to be near her daughters in college.


Tension in the storyline is couched in the fact that Tucker, the dog, belongs to an alcoholic neighbor who mistreats him. Themes

include the importance of family and responsibility, forgiveness, integrity and honesty, the dangers of alcohol abuse and the power of love. The movie is a prequel to the 2009 Hallmark Hall of Fame movie A Dog Named Christmas.


“I always try to make movies that are entertaining and engaging but also full of characters who uphold traditional Christian values,” Johnson told AFA Journal. “And I like to make movies that the generations can watch together.” Tucker hits the bullseye. It’s bound to become a Christmas family favorite.


Review by Randall Murphree