Dave Alan Johnson is a co-founder and the creative head of Salt Entertainment.


One national critic said of Johnson’s work: “This is the kind of show we might get if Norman

Rockwell were alive and could write scripts as well as he painted.”  Newsweek called his work

“a true dramatic gem.” His projects have received enthusiastic critical acclaim from every

corner of the nation and he has been honored with many awards. He is known within the

Hollywood industry and beyond as someone who creates content with honesty and humor

that speaks to the hearts and minds of people everywhere.


A former President of Warner Bros. Television says Dave’s “prolific ability to create and write

quality scripts, coupled with his show-running talent, places him among the best

writer/producers in the industry.”


The president of another one of the world’s largest media companies said, “Dave understands what the audience wants and

knows how to give it to them!  And working with him is always a great experience."


In the two plus decades he has worked in Hollywood, Dave has created, produced, written, or directed nearly a half billion

dollars worth of entertainment. He has collaborated with some of Hollywood’s top names (including teaming up with

Steven Spielberg to Co-Create and Executive Produce DreamWorks’ premier television production - the ABC hit drama,

High Incident). He has created product (in both television and movies) for virtually every major entertainment company

including Disney, Paramount, Sony, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks, MGM, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and others.  

Steve McBeth

Steve McBeth is a co-founder and the business head at Salt Entertainment.  In his role, he has overall responsibility for business operations at the company, including marketing and

business development for Salt titles. As part of his duties at Salt Entertainment, Steve

has been business advisor to Jon and Andy Erwin, producers and directors of the films October Baby, Moms’ Night Out, and Woodlawn. Steve also served as co-lead of the national marketing team for the Woodlawn theatrical release in 2015.  


Steve was a senior executive with the Walt Disney Company for 18 years, and was the

founding president of Disney Interactive Worldwide, the division responsible for all Internet

and online operations, computer games and CD-ROM products.  He was also executive vice president for the Disney Consumer Products division for nearly a decade, with operating responsibility for all merchandise, publishing, music and ancillary consumer business

operations for the Walt Disney Company.


After his time at Disney, Steve was a business development consultant for Scripps Networks, a leader in cable TV programming (Food Network/HGTV). His work there involved developing branding and merchandising opportunities, as well as advising on digital and online strategies.

Dave Johnson Head Shot

“ ...a true dramatic gem.”Newsweek


“Inspiring drama.”  - TV Guide


“Memorable.”  - New York Times


“ ...unique and uplifting”

Memphis Commercial Appeal


“Remarkable.”  - Seattle Post-Intelligencer


“ A cut above, the script from series creator

Dave Alan Johnson sparkles.”-Hollywood Reporter


“...show’s charms are hard to resist.”  

 - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


“Best I’ve seen in years, exciting and entertaining,

just great. “   Oklahoma City Oklahoman

What critics say about Dave Alan Johnson's work               What actors say about working with Dave Alan Johnson


“ Tonight’s Must-See filled with quiet charm, humor and even intelligence that will keep us watching. “ - Gannett News Service


“ The makings of a hit, inspirational, involving new series superior to most of fall’s newcomers” – New York Daily News


“This is the kind of show we might get if Norman Rockwell were alive and could write scripts as well as he painted.” - Kansas City Star


“ The show works on its own terms determinedly anti-hip, it creates its own kind of cool. Human interest? There’s enough here to keep

America watching for years. “ New York Newsday Features


“ Viewers want TV shows that are comforting and uplifting, that make them laugh and cry and achieve these reactions – this show does

just that. “ - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


“....precedent-setting drama.this is simply a story that needed to be told, and it is told well. “ – Zap2It.com

Steve McBeth

Dave Alan Johnson