Clint "Doc" Cassidy is a handsome country doctor from Montana who moves to the Big Apple.


His down-to-earth style and bedside manner endear him to the patients at a Manhattan clinic, but he encounters resistance from his colleagues and the system.


Without losing his values, common sense and country demeanor, Clint adjusts to an urban lifestyle, forming new relationships and encountering new adventures along the way.

What Critics & Others are Saying about DOC…


“DOC is the best show on Television.”  -- Parents Television Council


“A cure for what’s ailing TV…DOC has restored families’ hope that there are still TV programs they can watch together.”

-- Focus on the Family Plugged In


“Tonight’s Must-See:  DOC. It is filled with quiet charm, humor and even intelligence. Doc has been invested with a charm and decency that will keep us watching.” -- Gannett News Service / Mike Hughes


“Memorable” -- New York Times


“…viewers want TV shows that are comforting and uplifting, that make them laugh and cry and achieve these reactions without gratuitous profanity or sex talk.  “Doc” the highest-rated show on Pax, does just that.” -- Pittsburgh Post Gazette


“Doc has a heart and something important to say.” -- Fort Worth Star-Telegram


“Doc is a wonderful program.  We ought to be supporting it.  We ought to be letting sponsors know that we support it.  There’s something we can do. -- Dr. James Dobson    


“Doc delivers.” -- New Orleans Times


“Cyrus…brings an engaging presence and a sense of humor to the role.  … Doc may be your feel-good cup of tea, and the prognosis for him sticking around is pretty good.” --TV Guide.com


“Doc is the best I’ve seen in years.  Clean, exciting and entertaining. Doc on PAX is just great.” -- Oklahoma City Oklahoman


“…a sensitive well written series…I suggest families watch it together.” -- Ventura County Star


“Doc…a sort of ‘Doc-a-dile Dundee’ who is out of place in the big city…Cyrus gives a strong performance...the show works.”

-- Nashville Tennessee  


“Doc will appeal to the entire family” -- Iowa Globe-Gazette


Doc…rated #1 “family friendly” show on TV. -- AOL Online


“Great stories that touch the heart, lift the spirit and speak to the soul.  This is what television ought to be.  Thanks Doc for reminding us again.” -- Steven Curtis Chapman – Singer/Songwriter


"Thank you so much for putting together one of the most touching and tasteful two hours I have ever seen on television."

-- Craig Campbell, Sony Music Exec. 


“There’s a dash of ‘Crocodile Dundee,’ a little bit of ‘Providence’ and a lot of sentiment in the drama.”

-- Knight Ridder Newspapers

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DOC was created and produced by Dave Alan Johnson and Gary R. Johnson.


Starring Billy Ray Cyrus, Derek McGrath, Andrea Robinson, Richard Leacock, Ron Lea, Ruth Marshall and Tyler Posey