Strategic Relationships Projects

The Erwin Brothers


Salt Entertainment’s principals, Dave Alan Johnson and Steve McBeth, first worked with Jon and Andy Erwin on

their first feature film, October Baby, helping them finish and secure theatrical distribution for their movie.  

Dave Alan Johnson was an executive producer on the film.


After October Baby, Dave Alan Johnson was executive producer on the Erwin’s next film, Moms’ Night Out, and Steve McBeth served as an overall business advisor for the Erwin Brothers.  


For the Erwin’s film, Woodlawn, releasing nationwide October 16, 2015, Salt (and its principals) continued to provide support to the Erwins throughout the production and marketing of the movie, including having Steve McBeth co-lead the national marketing team.

octoberbaby woodlawn2 Moms-Night-Out-2014-movie-poster