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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye is the critically acclaimed

family favorite series inspired by the remarkable

true story of Sue Thomas, a profoundly deaf woman

whose unique lip reading ability lands her on the

F.B.I.’s elite surveillance team.


Starring Deanne Bray (“Heroes”), this groundbreaking

original drama takes you on a witty, heart-warming,

fast-paced ride. Tackling tough cases while catching

the eye of handsome Agent Jack Hudson  (Yannick Bisson),


Sue and her hearing dog Levi are suddenly ‘G-men’

on the adventure of a lifetime!

Here’s what the critics are saying about “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye”


“An inspirational, involving new series …Read my lips.  ‘Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye’ has the makings of a hit.”   -- The N.Y. Daily News


"A precedent-setting drama about a deaf woman starring a deaf actress...this is a story that needed to be told."  

-- Chicago Tribune


“The show works on its own terms…so determinedly anti-hip, it creates its own kind of cool.  Human interest?  There’s enough here to keep America watching for years.”  -- New York Newsday Features


“Deanne Bray is a fresh new face who lights up the screen in every scene she's in. Keep your ‘Eye’ on her."  -- New York Post


“Deaf actress Deanne Bray is engaging in this inspiring drama…”  -- TV Guide


“Bray is enormously appealing as Sue.  It’s her breakthrough role, and you’ll see here why she won it.” -- Houston Chronicle


"WOW - What a show...I had goosebumps.  Great Job!"   -- Deaf Nation


“…debut episode is both a lively twist on police dramas and a penetrating look into the everyday world of the deaf.”

-- The Miami Herald


“…uplifting and unique…it makes us feel good…Deanne Bray, one of this season’s bright lights.” -- Memphis Commercial Appeal


“‘Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye’ is the most huggable show of the new TV season …show’s charms are hard to resist…a wholesome,

family-friendly series.”  -- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


“…inspiring show…Charming Deanne Bray …the show promises a weekly story sure to warm the cockles of even the most hesitant heart.” -- The Oakland Tribune


“Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye is an endearing show that proves people can connect no matter what their differences.”

--Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


“A cut above…Bray is a singular delight…The script from series creators Dave Alan Johnson and Gary R. Johnson sparkles in terms of introducing us to Thomas and holding a mirror up to her silent, often awkward world.” -- Hollywood Reporter


“‘Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye” is a delightful one-hour drama series…this show presents a sophisticated treatment of the challenges faced by a deaf person in America.” -- The Kansas City Star


“There are so many things to like about this show…fast-paced and well-directed…with many scenes of comic relief…the entire family can watch it…I predict that “Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye will be loved by audiences.” -- Cal Thomas, Tribune Media Services


“…uplifting entertainment – it has more than its share of compassion and humor.  Deanne Bray …is about as likable a performer as you can find.”   -- The Buffalo News


“The most promising freshman show…delightful actress Deanne Bray…one of the breakout stars of the season.”

-- Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel


“Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye is…kinder, gentler entertainment suitable for family viewing. That’s a good thing...and Bray is a very good thing, a charismatic young performer who could become little PAX’s biggest star yet…(her) engaging personality comes shining through.” -- The Detroit Free Press


“…fast-paced, one-hour premiere…” -- Los Angeles Times


“…appealing Deanne Bray…an excellent concept and star” -- The Orlando Sentinel


“…keep your eye on Bray, an appealing, convincing performer.” -- Rocky Mountain News


“Saving the best for last…Pax introduces its most ambitious series, Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye. It’s (Sue & Levi) a match made in heaven.” -- St. Louis Post-Dispatch


“…a sweet story of perseverance and hope…Through the varied story lines, viewers will still be able to gain a finely depicted look into what it’s like to live life in silence.” -- Asbury Park Press


“An entertaining drama from the producers of ‘Doc’” -- Tampa Tribune

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Sue Thomas FBeye

Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye was created and produced by Dave Alan Johnson and

Gary R. Johnson.


Starring Deanne Bray, Yannick Bisson, Rick Peters, Marc Gomes, Enuka Okuma, Ted Atherton, Tara Samuel and of course Levi!